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Dales Collection

Dales Collection

Stunning sofas designed and made in England

The Dales Collection is crafted in Suffolk by skilled workers using the finest raw materials possible. The frames come with a 10 year guarantee, and are carefully constructed, using hardwood in all load bearing areas with all joints screwed and glued together for maximum strength. Copper washed seat springs are used for greater durability ensuring the furniture will stand the test of time. Special attention is given to comfort using cold cure moulded foam seat cushion fillings which are guaranteed for 10 years.

There is a superb choice of fabrics both plain & patterned to give you a great combination of style, comfort and value for money.


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Dales Loire Sofa

Dales Loire Sofa£919.00  -  £1,029.00  (1)

Dales Newgate Formal Back Sofa

Dales Newgate Formal Back Sofa£915.00  -  £999.00

Dales Marseilles Sofa

Dales Marseilles Sofa£869.00  -  £989.00

Dales Cannes Sofa Bed

Dales Cannes Sofa Bed£865.00  -  £975.00

Dales Como Sofa Bed

Dales Como Sofa Bed£865.00  -  £949.00

Dales Turin Sofa Bed

Dales Turin Sofa Bed£865.00  -  £975.00

Dales Malmo Scatter Back Sofa

Dales Malmo Scatter Back Sofa£790.00  -  £964.00

Dales Hampstead Sofa

Dales Hampstead Sofa£789.00  -  £869.00

Dales Malmo Formal Back Sofa

Dales Malmo Formal Back Sofa£745.00  -  £875.00

Dales Cannes Sofa

Dales Cannes Sofa£665.00  -  £729.00

Dales Turin Sofa

Dales Turin Sofa£665.00  -  £729.00

Dales Seville Sofa

Dales Seville Sofa£659.00  -  £789.00

Dales Como Sofa

Dales Como Sofa£645.00  -  £709.00

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