The Home Company Welcomes Japandi Interiors

Thursday, 23 January 2020  |  Social

Step into Spring with a Japandi decor, a fusion of Japanese and Scandi influences.

According to the Home Company, Skipton’s long-established furniture and furnishings store, the calm, clean look from Japan is increasingly sought after.

Said Linda Lee, store manager: “Japandi is a very similar look to Scandi style and they both have a lot in common. They share a love for minimalism, clean lines, craftsmanship and natural materials.

“We’re huge fans of this look and it’s an interior style that’s here to stay as it has all the right ingredients – offering a perfect mix of classic furniture, pure materials and neutral colours.”

Linda’s top tips for achieving the look:

• Remove all clutter and keep spaces as airy as possible to create a minimalist look.

• Choose natural materials. Wood is a key feature in Japandi style – consider statement pieces of furniture and accessories like the wicker baskets as pictured, or items made from rattan, bamboo or even paper.

• Feature good quality furniture pieces only. The whole look is about appreciating well designed items. The Himolla collection of sofas and recliners are the ultimate in style and comfort to help create a more relaxed environment.

• Explore warm, muted shades. Team light grey, pale blue or off white walls with accessories in deep shades of charcoal grey, mulberry red and emerald green to turn up the heat. Consider plush throws like the Cosy Throw featured above in aubergine to add the snuggly factor.

Said Linda: “As we look forward to lighter nights and warmer days, it’s time to think about revitalising a Winter-worn home and the Japandi style interior is the perfect solution.”