Spice Up Your Interior With Vivid Artwork

Tuesday, 16 July 2019  |  Admin

Add instant ‘wow factor’ to the home with vivid artwork that catches the eye and creates a lasting impression.

Skipton’s long-established furniture and furnishings store, The Home Company, has some helpful tips on how to choose the perfect piece for your home.

Said Linda Lee, the lifestyle store’s manager: “Wall art really sets the scene for your space. It’s an importance piece in the decorating puzzle and needs to be carefully considered.”

Here are Linda’s top tips for choosing artwork for your home:
• Pick a neutral colour for walls and floors to act as a base for your picture.
• Have a size in mind before going shopping, taking into consideration the height of your ceiling and the amount of light in your room.
• A small piece of art can’t fill a big space – try grouping smaller pieces together to create a striking focal point.
• Don’t be afraid to mix old and new! Contrast can keep a room exciting.
• Choose pieces that will match your room – look at style, colours and themes of your décor and purchase a piece that will complement or enhance it.
• Shop around before you buy – see what’s on offer to get a feel of what style and options you like.
• And most importantly buy a piece you love!

Said Linda: “We understand the importance of artwork in the home which is why our showrooms feature 15 specially commissioned pieces by Embsay-based artist Victoria Alderson, who is rapidly become established locally as a gifted watercolour artist with a contemporary approach. Plus, her pieces are really striking!”

Her portraits cover three categories: Dales, Serengeti and abstract. Each piece combines traditional artwork with a modern design style.

Said Linda: “Choosing wall art doesn’t have to be difficult! Keep it fun and enjoy shopping round to find the perfect piece. Whether you’re focused on colour or themes, there’s something out there to suit everyone.”

Victoria’s work is on display in the Home Company until the end of Summer. The original watercolours will be available for purchase on request.