Decor inspiration for your first home with tips from The Home Company

Tuesday, 5 July 2016  |  Social


Buying a first home is a huge step and deciding on interior design can be daunting.

Skipton’s long established furniture and furnishings store, The Home Company has some helpful tips on getting started.

Linda Lee, the lifestyle store’s manager said: “There are so many things to think about when furnishing your first home, so we want to help our customers in any way we can, from buying their very first sofa down to the smallest tea light.”

  • Always have a budget in mind. It can be easy to get carried away so make a list of the things you need most urgently, then itemise the ‘nice to haves’ if there is budget left.  
  • Measure living areas, an empty room can seem much larger than it actually is.  If a room is on the small side consider the lighting, which can create the illusion of space, use table, floor lamps or uplighters or spot lights to light specific areas. Lighting can also be used to create atmosphere – soft diffused lighting adds a warm, even romantic ambience to a room while home studies and kitchens benefit from sharper brighter lighting.
  • Some years ago bold colours were the trend, such as strong reds and vivid blues. But more recently and certainly for this year we are seeing a softer palette, with duck egg blue, greys and greens.  But if neutrals aren’t your thing, make a bold statement with modern monochrome: Sophisticated and timeless it can really make a striking look in a room. 
  • Remember you don’t have to buy everything all at once. Simple accessories can transform a drab living space into dazzling. Try a beautiful ceramic table lamp with a trendy chrome finish and taffeta shade. Or floor lamps in sparkling metals and cushions and throws in deep shades of velvet and satin to add a feeling of luxury.
  • Finally if you invest in one thing, buy the best bed you can afford. When you’ve just moved in and are still surrounded by boxes, take comfort in the knowledge that at least you will get a good night’s sleep!