Make Your Gift Count This Christmas

Thursday, 29 November 2018  |  Social

Did you know that one in five people admit to putting unwanted Christmas gifts onto eBay?*

That adds up to a lot of disappointing gifts – so to be sure your present counts this year, slow down and spend time choosing something friends and loved ones will appreciate.

That’s the advice from Skipton’s long established furniture and furnishings store The Home Company, which has some helpful Christmas present buying tips for getting started.

Linda Lee, the lifestyle store’s manager said: “Make your gift count this festive season. We all know what it feels like to receive thoughtless and unwanted gifts that have ended up either discarded or re-wrapped and passed on.

“It pays to think outside of the box and listen for clues. Sometimes people can give out inspiration by talking about hobbies, interests or even something nice that they’ve seen in a store.”

Here are Linda’s top tips and ideas for buying Christmas gifts:

  • Have a budget in mind. It can be easy to get carried away when shopping, so have a rough price per person before visiting stores or looking online.
  • If you want something that can be personalised, photo frames are a great option as they can be adorned with pictures of friends and family and placed all around the home.  
  • If your family and friends are into gardening and flowers, Linda recommends The Home Company’s extensive range of plants and vases in a range of bright colours from pinks and creams to magentas and reds. The perfect way to brighten up the home during the Winter months.
  • Perhaps they like the great outdoors? For a flavour of the Yorkshire Dales countryside try the Wiggle Sheep, Lamb, Duck and Duckling collection. In black or silver and made from stretched and coiled wire, cross-wrapped around a frame then nickel-plated, these playful creatures look perfect on a fireplace or window frame.
  • For those who have an eccentric personality, a table lamp in vibrant colours can make great ornaments and feature pieces. Consider the Home Company’s Shining Star Lamp. Crafted matt white ceramic, the light features different decorative sized start cut outs to add a cosy feel to any area in the home.
  • If they prefer it neutral and simplistic, Linda suggests the Wire Weave Lamp. This nickel plated mesh-wire weaved with fairy lights creates a highly alluring look.  
  • For friends or family who feels the cold, a cosy throw is the perfect gift. The Home Company’s Walton Ombre Stripe Throw, a stylish acrylic throw, is just one solution on offer.

The Home Company has thrived for more than 30 years thanks to their belief in bringing together contemporary furniture and accessories in an inspirational way so customers can pick up ideas for their own homes. An increasing number of items are now available online too. Visit

* Source: a recent survey conducted by, which surveyed 2,005 over 16s in the UK.