Clues For Success At Christmas

Wednesday, 25 October 2017  |  Social

It pays to think outside of the box and listen for clues when it comes to successful gift buying at Christmas!

That’s according to The Home Company, Skipton’s long established furniture and furnishings store, which has some top tips on how to make your gift count this Christmas.  

Linda Lee, the lifestyle store’s manager said: “We’ve all received unwanted gifts that end up discarded or re-wrapped and passed on, so if you want to make your gift count, thoughtfulness often matters most.

“If you’re struggling for ideas, listen out for hints and tips. Sometimes people can give out inspiration by talking about hobbies, interests or even something nice that they’ve seen in a store.”

Looking for something small and personal? Then consider interior decorations such as photo frames that people can personalise with pictures of friends and family.

Are they into gardening and flowers? Then Linda recommends The Home Company’s extensive range of plants and vases in a range of bright colours from pinks and creams to magentas and reds.

Or perhaps the great outdoors holds greatest appeal. For a flavour of the Yorkshire Dales countryside try the Wiggle Sheep, Lamb, Duck and Duckling collection. In black or silver and made from stretched and coiled wire, cross-wrapped around a frame then nickel-plated, these playful creatures look perfect on a fireplace or window frame.

Table lamps also make a great gift. Not only good ornaments and even feature pieces, they can completely change the atmosphere of a room.

Said Linda: “If you’re looking for something unique, our Babloo lamp is perfect. Crafted from pressed mild steel, the unusual shaped lamp features distinctive patterns and comes in a gold lacquer which creates wonderful tonal contrasts.”

For those who like it neutral, Linda suggests the Kara Ceramic Speck Swirl Table Lamp. This hand-made terracotta pot light features a stunning embossed trailing swirl design in a cream finish. 

For friends or family who feels the cold, a cosy throw is the perfect gift. The Home Company’s Shuruti Al Tribeca, a chunky knit throw, is just one solution on offer.

The Home Company has thrived for more than 30 years thanks to their belief in bringing together contemporary furniture and accessories in an inspirational way so customers can pick up ideas for their own homes. An increasing number of items are now available online too. Visit